Hello Researchers

I am rebuilding the Meade County KSGenWeb site.  I’m hoping the new set-up will allow me to take my computer anywhere and immediately put genealogical data on it.  The way I’ve been inputting data required me to copy information and then go to a different location and copy that information into the editing program.  This should not only be quicker and easier but also allow me to get a lot more information out to Meade County researchers.

I just started rebuilding on June 6, so be patient as I get all of the information transferred.  If your search engine brings you to this site, please refer to the Meade County link on the KSGenWeb site.  That is the official site until this one is complete and ready to go.

I’ve always enjoyed being the host of Meade County KSGenWeb and really look forward to making it a bigger and better site for you to use.

Janette Friesen


2 Responses to “Hello Researchers”

  1. 1 vicki wilkerson August 20, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    Thank you for your work here! You have my great-grandparents listed on the 1886 marriage page. (June 21:  Miles Trimm, Flora Starkey (A, 8, 16)) I’m fairly new to genealogy and wonder if you could advise me on how I could get a copy of the marriage application and the license? I’m assuming the application would have more information on it, such as the applicants parents names, addresses, etc?
    Thanks, Vicki Wilkerson

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