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Meade County Genealogical Society – July Meeting

SCAN0338There are many reasons you might want to have your DNA analyzed.  Here are just a few:  1) To learn about your ancestry  2) To prove or disprove your relationship with another  3) To find relatives if you are adopted, gave a child up for adoption, or for some reason do not know your ancestry.
A DNA test is a tool that can be used for answering these questions.  The test is easily done and fairly inexpensive.  Only your saliva is needed for a test.  There are numerous companies doing these tests.  Among them are:  National Geographic, Ancestry, Genetic Genealogy and 23 & Me.
Would you like to learn more about having your DNA analyzed?  Come to the Meade Library Community Room this Saturday, June 21, at 2:00 p.m.  for a program that can hopefully answer any questions you have about this technology.  (104 E. West Plains—one block south of the stop light in Meade, use the east door of the building.)  Refreshments will be served.

Addition of Records – Marriage

I added Marriage Records for the year 1933 today.