Every effort has been made to provide an accurate record of Meade County marriages.  Old documents are often difficult to read, and names are frequently misspelled.  I’ve transcribed them to the best of my ability.  Time (and a better knowledge of Meade County names) clarifies some of these names, and corrections are then made.  Please let me know if you see a correction that needs to be made.

The numbers following each License Application and the Applicants refers to its location in the Meade County District Court’s records.
Example:  January 28:  William Keefe, Cora B. Wilkan (A, 1, 1) would be found in Book A, Page 1, License 1
October 4:  Roscoe C. Lasley, Lula Davis (B, 1) would be found in Book B, Page 1

During the course of transcribing these records, I have found that there are two volumes labeled Book D.  I have labeled them D1 and D2 in the transcriptions.  (D1 is June 4, 1927 through March 23, 1936.  D2 is March 31, 1936 through February 23, 1946.)


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